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Lack of Soft Skills Hindering Grads From Getting Jobs

KUALA LUMPUR: Many graduates cannot find jobs because they lack "soft skills" like communication, public relations and interactive skills, to complement thier academic qualifications.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Fong Chan Onn said graduates should strive to acquire such skills as employers sought those who could interact with the public, project a good image of the company and co-operate with colleagues. "Unemployed graduates should try to find out what thier prospective employer looking for in an employee beside thier qualifications," he told reporters after opening Malaysia Career and Training Fair at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre here yersterday.

Dr Fong said a factor contributing to the growing number of unemployed graduates was thier "unrealistic expectations," adding that fresh graduates should check the background of thier potential employers.

"Ask not what companies can give you but what you can give to the company first," he said.

Beside retraining, he said, the Government was actively matching potential employees with employer via the Electronic Labour Exchange and the Manpower Department.

Dr Fong said economic sectors which required a workforce with soft skills include the finance, sales, services and tourism industries. "The number of tourist coming into the country is increasing and hotels are often fully booked. They need staf who can interact with foreigners," he said.

Sumber: The Star, 02 April 2005.

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